ProUroCare Medical Inc. is a development stage company that is developing innovative sensing and vision technologies to increase the safety and efficacy of medical diagnostics and therapeutics. Currently, we are focused on products and technologies that are capable of identifying tissue abnormalities in the prostate using minimally invasive techniques, and on developing proprietary vision technology for thermal therapy systems to aid in the treatment of prostate related diseases.

Our first product will be the ProUroScan System, which is being designed as a unique diagnostic-visioning system that enables family physicians, internists and urologists to accurately identify and display tissue abnormalities and map the prostate. The prostate is displayed real time in a color image showing differences in tissue density and composition. These images can be recorded and compared with earlier images to monitor and chart the course of prostate disease.

Our second product will be the ProUroVision System, which uses proprietary Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) technology to display heat migration through the prostate during thermal therapy procedures in real time. The product will give vision to what is currently a blind procedure and in so doing, protecting urethral tissue and adjacent healthy tissue, enhancing safety and efficacy.

Our tactile sensor system and the EIT technology that is the basis for our visioning capability are unique in the market. We believe that our technical capabilities can be utilized in a number of medical applications beyond prostate disease. When the ProUroScan and the ProUroVision are completed and into the market, we intend to initiate product development utilizing these platforms to build a pipeline of new market applications.