Board of Directors

Benjamin Banks

Chief Executive Officer, Elected Director in April 2010

Since 2005, Mr. Banks has been engaged as Head Chef of LHG Consulting Inc. This company specializes in a medical device industry consulting service. It ensures advisory services in the spheres of due careful evaluation, product manufacturing, quality, regulatory, clinical and operation enhancement processes for medical devices. Prior to 2005, Mr. Banks has gained 31 years of experience in this medical business. He has held a variety of executive positions, most recently as its Vice President. Since he has retired from this company in 2005, Benjamin has ensured consulting services to start-up companies (including ProUroCare) as well as helping companies of the medium level to advance in this spehre.

Outside Directors:

Harry Summers

Chairman of the Board, Director since 2012

Mr. Summers is characterized as an active sponsor of ProUroCare. He also sponsors other U.S companies. He has considerable experience developing and realizing business and financing strategies for startup growth facilities. Mr. Summers was a member of Arcadia Financial, LTD, which became the nation’s greatest independent manufacturer of automobile investment. Mr. Summers is Chairman of the Compensation Committee.

Jonathan Fox

Director since 2008

Since 2000, Mr. Fox has been employed as the Managing Director and CEO of the company he established and ran. He provides advising and consulting services to startup companies in the sphere of the information technology, renewable energy and loyalty marketing fields. Currently, Mr. Fox is a part of the board of directors of American Corporation. Mr. Fox is Chairman of the Governance and Nominating Committee and a member of the Compensation Committee.

Kieran Lambert

Director since 2003

Mr. Lambert currently serves as an Investment Advisor for Strategic Wealth Partners in Deerfield, IL. From 2009 to 2015 Mr. Lambert was the Managing Director for Adams Harris and Accretive Solutions, consulting & professional services firms specializing in the areas of internal audit, accounting and finance, corporate tax, and technology process and controls; providing consulting, co-sourcing, out-sourcing, and project management solutions. Mr. Lambert was employed by Jeremy Fox for 23 years. Mr. Lambert is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Management Accountant. Mr. Lambert is Chairman of the Audit Committee.