ProUroCare’s Intellectual Property and Technology

We own patents, patent applications and know-how associated with mechanical prostate-imaging systems. These patents and patent applications relate to real-time mechanical imaging of the prostate, a method and device for mechanical imaging of the prostate, an intracavity ultrasonic device for elasticity imaging, a method and device for elasticity imaging, an apparatus for measuring mechanical parameters of the prostate and for imaging the prostate, a device for palpation and mechanical imaging of the prostate, and a method for using a transrectal probe to mechanically image the prostate gland. Together, our mechanical imaging technology is protected by seven U.S. patents, seven foreign patents, five foreign patent applications and, along with the Artann patent applications discussed below, is the basis for the imaging technology used in our ProUroScan System.

Our development partner, Artann Laboratories Inc. of Trenton, NJ (“Artann”) has filed four additional U.S. patent applications that are licensed to us. These patent applications relate to a method and device for analyzing overlaps between sensed mechanical images to generate a composite image (map) and sensors arranged to locate the prostate.