ProUroScan™ System Status

The first generation ProUroScan System has been tested in laboratory experiments on prostate models and in a pre-clinical study. In addition, the system was used for over two years and on approximately 168 patients at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey. System optimization is still required in the areas of positioning system refinement, software, validation, probe sterilization, user interface and sensor production.

Based on discussions between our development partner Artann Laboratories Inc. (“Artann”) and representatives from the FDA, we believe that the ProUroScan System with a basic mapping and data maintenance claim will be regulated by the FDA as a class II device. Class II devices typically are cleared for marketing by the FDA through a 510(k) application.

Under the terms of its contract with us, Artann is responsible for submitting and obtaining the initial 510(k) clearance for the ProUroScan System for the basic mapping and data maintenance claim. In April 2008, representatives from Artann met with the FDA to solicit feedback from the agency regarding the proposed clinical testing that the FDA will require to support a 510(k). Based on the feedback received and the current development status of the system, we anticipate that Artann will commence the clinical study by the fourth quarter of 2008. This study may require approximately three months to complete, and additional time to analyze the data and prepare the 510(k) submission. We believe that this 510(k) will be submitted to the FDA during the first quarter of 2009. Once submitted, the FDA will have 90 days to review and grant clearance, ask questions or turn the 510(k) down. However, the 510(k) application process may be significantly longer if the FDA has questions upon its review or makes a request for additional information from Artann. Once cleared and upon ProUroCare’s first commercial sale of a ProUroScan System, Artann will transfer the 510(k) to ProUroCare. No assurances can be given in regard to the timing of any of these events.