ProUroScan™ Overview


ProUroVision™ Overview

Our first product is the ProUroScan, which is designed to significantly improve prostate examination and diagnosis. The ProUroScan will provide a quick, quantitative, and chartable diagnostic procedure that is capable of determining both the size and volume of the prostate and size and location of any abnormalities (hardness, nodules, lesions, etc.) throughout the prostate.

The ProUroScan is an imaging device that guides a physician’s use of a tactile, sensor probe to obtain an image of the prostate. The prostate image is displayed on a screen that allows a physician to identify the specific location of soft-tissue abnormalities and determine the relative size of the prostate upon completion of the imaging procedure.

The ProUroScan system’s key capabilities include:

  • Location of Tissue Abnormalities and Measuring Prostate Size – t he ProUroScan identifies the specific location of potential prostate disease.
  • Monitoring Prostate Disease Progression – the ProUroScan will provide a baseline measurement of a patient’s prostate for making future comparisons and/or monitoring the advancement of prostate disease.
  • Producing Standardized and Chartable DRE Results – the ProUroScan gives a physician the ability to have a chartable printout of the diagnostic process and the ability to obtain a second opinion from a specialist (such as a urologist) using standardized results as a means of comparison.
  • The system enables one to fully palpate the prostate regardless of anatomy or weight of patient or finger size of physician.

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ProUroVision™ Overview

Our second product, the ProUroVision system, is a proprietary vision technology for thermal therapy systems designed to aid in the treatment of BPH and other prostate diseases. Thermal therapy is a minimally invasive catheter-based therapy that uses microwave technology to precisely and preferentially heat diseased areas of the prostate to a temperature sufficient to cause cell death and is the urology community’s accepted alternative to surgical intervention. The ProUroVision’s unique and proprietary Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) technology will allow the urologist to observe the heat migrate in real time through the prostate during the thermal treatment. This product will give vision to what is currently a blind procedure and in so doing, protect the urethral tissue and adjacent organs, enhancing safety and efficacy.

Our strategy for the ProUroVision system is to partner with a major prostate thermal therapy company and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to develop an enhancement to existing thermal therapy systems. We believe this enhancement will overcome a significant obstacle to the wide-spread adoption of this type of treatment by providing a visioning capability that will allow the physician to observe in real-time the heat migration through the prostate, which will enhance the safety and efficacy of this type of treatment. We expect that such a capability will make thermal therapy the treatment of choice for enlarged prostates, and significantly increase both the number of systems in place and the number of treatments performed. Each treatment will require the use of a disposable package that we will supply, thus ensuring us a long-term revenue stream. By partnering in this way we not only share development costs, but also gain rapid market penetration by becoming the exclusive supplier into a large base of installed systems.

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